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Matt: card-carrying atheist heathen

Matt and Geoff met in Sydney in 1988, and have been close friends ever since. Geoff became a Christian in 1998, and ever since has been passionately trying to persuade Matt of the truth of Christianity, and has prayed for Matt to become a follower of Jesus. Matt has (a bit less passionately) tried to persuade Geoff that atheism is the more reasonable position, and so obviously hasn’t prayed for much of anything, really. Over the last 20 years, we’ve read parts of the Bible together, attended Christian events, read Christian books, had long conversations, and exchanged a ridiculous amount of emails about life, the universe and God. It’s been a fascinating journey. We’ve been able to vigorously argue our respective positions, but always with kindness and respect. Neither has fully persuaded the other – yet.

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Geoff: card-carrying Bible-thumpin’ Christian

These days, we also live in different countries. Matt lives in the USA, while Geoff lives in New Zealand. Since personal conversations are rare, we’ve had to find other ways of keeping the dialogue going. This blog represents our latest attempt to do that. We’re going to read through Tim Keller’s book Making Sense of God together, exchanging our insights and opinions as we go. And after flirting with this idea a few times over the years, we decided to see if our exchanges are interesting to anyone else. So come with us as we continue our discussion, explore the meaning of life and truth about God. We welcome your comments or questions, as long as you follow the same kind and respectful tone that we intend to maintain. And you’ll obviously get more out of reading our discussion if you also get your hands on a copy of the source material.

Matt Foster is married to Kat, and is the father of two children. Born and raised in Sydney, Matt had a Jewish upbringing, then later developed a keen interest in scientific skepticism. He now lives with his family in Los Angeles where he works as an actor and a writer. He blogs about movies at mattvstheacademy.blogspot.com.

Geoff Robson is married to Liz, and is the father of four children. He’s a Senior Staff Worker for the University of Canterbury Christian Union (part of TSCF in New Zealand), a freelance editor (mostly for Matthias Media), and the author of The Book of Books. He blogs at geoffrobson.com.